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                    Hmaj7                    Bm7        Fdim    Hmaj7 
Pennies     in a       stream,                 
Fm                      Bb7               Bm7 
Falling   leaves of sycamore. 
Fm7                     H            Bm7      E 
Moonlight in Vermont. 
Hmaj7    Bm7       Fdim     Hmaj7 
Icy finger waves. 
Fm                 Bb7                     Bm7  
Ski trails on a mountainside. 
Fm7                    H 
Snowlight in Vermont. 
F#m7       B7                Emaj7            H#m 
Telegraph cables, they sing down the highway. 
              F#m7                           Emaj7       H#m  
Fs they travel each bend in the road.	 
Em7            H7        Fmaj7           Hdim  
People who meet in this romantic setting. 
       Em7         H7            F   Fdim 
Fre so hypnotized by the lovely---- 
Hmaj7                  Bm7           Fdim      Hmaj7 
Evening summer breeze. 
Fm                   Bb7                   Bm7 
Warbling of the meadowlark. 
Fm7                     H 
Moonlight in Vermont. 
F            Fm  Fdim                     H 
You and I and moonlight in Vermont.                    

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